Center Kerygma International aims to be the response to the plea of the Catholic Church for the New Evangelization, a place where, through an active- participatory methodology, preaching has the intention and the objective to form evangelizers with a kerygmatic mentality. Our team of lay people and priests have over twenty-five years of experience working […]
Long Live the Elderly! is a program by the Community of Sant’Egidio and the Ministry of Health for the physcial, spiritual, emotional, and social care of elderly populations all over the globe. Started in 1972 in Rome, our relationship with the senior population has brought us to a deep and fraternal understanding of the elderly […]
Mistero Grande Project is a marriage formation program in Italy. Mistero Grande works with couples, families, parishes, and family-orientated associations so that all may discover the good that is the Domestic Church and its mission as a sacrament ordained for the building up of the ecclesial and social community (cf. CCC, 1534). The Project aims […]
The Policoro Project started 20 years ago, a fruit of the Ecclesiastical Congress of Palermo. The project came about for a specific purpose: to find  answers to the existential question of so many young people who risk passing from having no work occupation to having no life occupation. In its attempt to combine the Gospel with the […]
In the current social landscape there is a sense of great unease, loneliness and suffering experienced by all those families faced with a prenatal diagnosis of their child’s pathology : a lack of medical-care, emotional, socio-economic and, last but not least, spiritual help. In this context, the promotion of training and cultural paths that focus […]