Busted Halo is a media resource that uses a relevant and accessible voice to help people understand the Catholic faith, put it into practice, and share it with others. A ministry of the Paulist Fathers (The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle), Busted Halo aims to bring the joy of the Gospel to all […]
Giving the best of yourself is a document that offers the reader a chance to understand the relationship of being a Christian, and its values, and giving one’s best self in every aspect of our lives, in this case focusing on the activity of sports. Contributing a Christian perspective on sport and the human person, […]
God Calls it’s a phone app for Apple and Android to help people listen to God in their daily lives. The app helps people read the daily readings of the Catholic church, with questions to help people reflect, space for journaling and saints to learn from each week. The app also provides information about Catholic […]
Keys to Bioethics is an app that provides users with a virtual bioethics manual dedicated mainly to young people, and available in Italian, Spanish and English. The manual consists of questions and answers to fundamental existential questions: the development of the human being from conception, sexuality and gender, illness and death, abortion and research on […]
The ABC of the Cuban Catholic Laity is a simple document accessible to all lay people in Cuba. The material intents to be a presentation of the main elements of life and spirituality of the layman, which serves as a motivation to follow a path of continuous formation in the subject. With the first chapter […]
The Youth Catechism, YOUCAT, is today a global bestseller and one of the most effective instruments of New Evangelization on all continents. YOUNG MISSIO international is the official “train the trainers” course by the YOUCAT Foundation. The course aims at forming a generation of young, vibrant and knowledgeable missionaries who are equipped and sent to […]