The Australian Young Catholic Women’s Fellowship (hereafter called “the Fellowship”) focuses on the formation, accompaniment, voice and contribution of women in the Catholic Church in Australia. This long term and deep formative experience enables women to be intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and personally formed for effective leadership roles in the communities in which they live and […]
Busted Halo is a media resource that uses a relevant and accessible voice to help people understand the Catholic faith, put it into practice, and share it with others. A ministry of the Paulist Fathers (The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle), Busted Halo aims to bring the joy of the Gospel to all […]
Called Beyond is a week during the liturgical year dedicated to listening and responding to vocation. The Called Beyond Vocations Weeks prompts a parish to begin developing a culture of vocation and helps to foster discipleship as the foundation of any vocation. The foundation of the week is a prayerful group of parishioners who plan […]
Catholic Christian Outreach is a University Student Movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge people to live in the fullness of their Catholic faith by placing an emphasis on building leaders who live and work in accordance to Catholic teachings. Our methods, materials and approach have been adapted to suit the needs of many audiences, from […]
The Catholic Leaders Latin American Academy is a nonprofit international project that works in collaboration with the Bishops of the Catholic Church of Latin-American countries and with educational institutions, mainly universities. Its mission is to form leaders through Catholic teachings, especially from the principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church, in order to imbue […]
Catholic Voices trains Catholics, mostly lay people but sometimes priests and bishops as well, to tell the Church’s story in the media, especially in news programs and debates on TV and radio. Catholic Voices started in 2010 with the training of a first group of lay people in London in preparation for the visit of […]
Catholics for Family Peace: Education and Research on Domestic Abuse is an initiative by the National Institute for the Family. This initiative promotes peace within families and helps Catholics recognize and respond to instances of domestic abuse with compassion. Our vision is that all families have peace in their homes and that they, when such […]
Center Kerygma International aims to be the response to the plea of the Catholic Church for the New Evangelization, a place where, through an active- participatory methodology, preaching has the intention and the objective to form evangelizers with a kerygmatic mentality. Our team of lay people and priests have over twenty-five years of experience working […]
The Children’s Rosary is an international prayer group movement dedicated to supporting the prayer lives of children (ages 4 -14) and to helping them grow in holiness through prayer of the Rosary. Since its founding in 2011, groups have been initiated in 43 countries. This program helps children to set deep roots of faith and […]
Faith in Politics is a Catholic Parliamentary and Public Affairs internship scheme started in 2003. The scheme uniquely offers a foundation of Catholic faith and spiritual formation for those who believe that they may have a vocation to public service in politics or public affairs. Interns commit to a varied year working in Parliament with […]
Family Rock is a marriage formation program out of the Archdiocese of Toledo, Spain. Family Rock accompanies couples during their first five years of marriage by providing young couples with marriage-formation reading materials, sending a monthly bulletin, and posting regularly on our website.
Giving the Bestof Yourself is a booklet that helps readers understand the relationship between being a Christian and the values that this entails, and giving the best of oneself in every aspect of one’s life, especially, in this case, in sports. Contributing a Christian perspective on sport and the human person, the booklet can serve […]
God Calls is a mobile app for Apple and Android users that helps people, especially young adults, listen to God in their daily lives. The app provides users with daily Biblical readings, proposes questions for reflection, and shares inspirational stories about the lives of the saints. The app also provides information about other Catholic organizations […]
The Instituto de Formación para Laicos (Institute for Laity Formation), also known as IFL, is an initative that responds to the need for an integral and permanent formation of the laity in our Church and our world today. Our mission is to accompany and educate the laity so that they can carry out the tasks […]
The Political and Social Training Institute of Argentine Catholic Action (circa 2003) is a training and formation program for Catholics interested in developing their leadership in service and promoting a social friendship that is inspired by Christian humanism and Church teachings.
Keys to Bioethics is an app that provides users with a virtual bioethics manual. It is tailored to young people and is available in Italian, Spanish and English. The manual consists of questions and answers to fundamental existential questions related to: the development of the human being starting at conception, sexuality and gender, illness and […]
The Laudato Si’ Family Week is held from the 21st to the 27th in Year B of our liturgical calendar, during which the Biblical readings focus on family spirituality and marriage. Thus the Marraige and Family Life Office is able to align its mission of promoting ongoing formation in marriage and family with the ligurgical […]
Laudato Si’ School in Peru is an educational initiative inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ (published in 2015). The Laudato Si School seeks to join Church voices to address the environmental issues and concerns that put our world at risk. The school is open to all Catholics in Peru, and at present more than […]
Let’s Live Laudato Si’ is a study and action group rooted in the writings of Pope Francis in “Laudato Si’.” Through collective reflection, we see how our actions are in line with the teachings of Laudato Si’ and identify where we can do better and have a bigger impact, especially in how we care for […]
Long Live the Elderly! is a program by the Community of Sant’Egidio and the Ministry of Health for the physcial, spiritual, emotional, and social care of elderly populations all over the globe. Started in 1972 in Rome, our relationship with the senior population has brought us to a deep and fraternal understanding of the elderly […]
Mistero Grande Project is a marriage formation program in Italy. Mistero Grande works with couples, families, parishes, and family-orientated associations so that all may discover the good that is the Domestic Church and its mission as a sacrament ordained for the building up of the ecclesial and social community (cf. CCC, 1534). The Project aims […]
The Year of the Laity in Brazil ran from the Solemnity of Christ the King in 2017 to the Solemnity of Christ the King in 2018. The central theme was the presence and action of lay Christians as “branches, salt, light and leaven” in the Church and society. The theme pertained to lay Christians as […]
Pastoral Care for the Elderly was founded in 2004 by Dr. Zilda Arns and is a nation-wide initiative in Brazil. Over 27,000 trained and certified volunteers look after 170,000 elderly people. These volunteers paymonthly home visits to elderly and help to care for their physical, social and spiritual health and life.
Pax in Familia is an international Catholic ministry that is dedicated to peace, and to the prevention of violence and abuse in Catholic families. Based in San Diego, CA, USA, Pax in Familia was officially founded in 2015 in preparation for the World Meeting of Families by Dr. Christauria Welland-Akong. For 25 years, Dr. Welland-Akong […]
The Pilipino Movement for Transformational Leadership (PMTL) is a coalition of various Christian faith-based organizations from the Catholic, Evangelical and Protestant communities. The conveners decided to come together in unity to do God’s work in the political field, by providing a mechanism for our combined memberships, as well as the people in general, so they […]
The Policoro Project started 20 years ago, a fruit of the Ecclesiastical Congress of Palermo. The project came about for a specific purpose: to find  answers to the existential question of so many young people who risk passing from having no work occupation to having no life occupation. In its attempt to combine the Gospel with the […]
In the current social landscape there is a sense of great unease, loneliness and suffering experienced by all those families faced with a prenatal diagnosis of their child’s pathology : a lack of medical-care, emotional, socio-economic and, last but not least, spiritual help. In this context, the promotion of training and cultural paths that focus […]
Renova + is an evangelization strategy to optimize communities, generating lay people committed to the service of the diocese or parish. Guided by the document of Aparecida and Evangelii Gaudium, we propose five steps for sustained growth over time: leadership training – kerygmatic event – formation and community – parish insertion – permanent mission.
Session LEAD is a summer school for young people between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. At this summer school, students listen and learn from stories that Belgian and European men and women tell about their personal and professional lives. We invite professionals to be speakers from many different careers – social, political, […]
The ABC of the Cuban Catholic Laity is a booklet accessible to all lay people in Cuba. The document intends to be a presentation of the main elements of life and spirituality of lay people, which serves as a motivation to follow a path of continuous formation in the subject. In a synthetic and brief […]