Catholic Christian Outreach is a University Student Movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge people to live in the fullness of their Catholic faith by placing an emphasis on building leaders who live and work in accordance to Catholic teachings. Our methods, materials and approach have been adapted to suit the needs of many audiences, from […]
Catholics for Family Peace: Education and Research on Domestic Abuse is an initiative by the National Institute for the Family. This initiative promotes peace within families and helps Catholics recognize and respond to instances of domestic abuse with compassion. Our vision is that all families have peace in their homes and that they, when such […]
Center Kerygma International aims to be the response to the plea of the Catholic Church for the New Evangelization, a place where, through an active- participatory methodology, preaching has the intention and the objective to form evangelizers with a kerygmatic mentality. Our team of lay people and priests have over twenty-five years of experience working […]
The Children’s Rosary is an international prayer group movement dedicated to supporting the prayer lives of children (ages 4 -14) and to helping them grow in holiness through prayer of the Rosary. Since its founding in 2011, groups have been initiated in 43 countries. This program helps children to set deep roots of faith and […]
Family Rock is a marriage formation program out of the Archdiocese of Toledo, Spain. Family Rock accompanies couples during their first five years of marriage by providing young couples with marriage-formation reading materials, sending a monthly bulletin, and posting regularly on our website.
Mistero Grande Project is a marriage formation program in Italy. Mistero Grande works with couples, families, parishes, and family-orientated associations so that all may discover the good that is the Domestic Church and its mission as a sacrament ordained for the building up of the ecclesial and social community (cf. CCC, 1534). The Project aims […]
Pax in Familia is an international Catholic ministry that is dedicated to peace, and to the prevention of violence and abuse in Catholic families. Based in San Diego, CA, USA, Pax in Familia was officially founded in 2015 in preparation for the World Meeting of Families by Dr. Christauria Welland-Akong. For 25 years, Dr. Welland-Akong […]
Witness to Love is a virtues-based, Catechumenate model for marriage renewal and preparation. Our program integrates modern principles of psychology and Catholic virtues to help couples facilitate an authentic dialogue with each other about their relationship.  Our mission is to provide local churches with the tools needed to transform existing programs of marriage preparation into […]